Shrimps in a crowd

Rye bread & creamy egg

155 kr

Club Sandwich

Chicken, bacon, currymayo & roasted onion

95 kr


Tapenade, onion rings & basil

75 kr

Blacksmoked ham

Alder tree smoked ham & gruyère

75 kr

Kids’ menu

Swedish meat balls in creamy sauce

Potato puré, lingonberries & pickled cucumber

Dinkel wheat pancake

Jam, Nutella & cream

1⁄1 125 kr / ½ 65 kr

Little viking

Drumsticks, shredded potato-cake & dip sauce

80 kr


Shrimp salad

Dill bulgur, egg, avocado, pickled carrot, roasted seeds, lemon & troutroe-dijonnaise

175 kr

Asparagus salad

Oyster mushrooms, bulgur, herbal cremé, pickled red cabbage & red onion

165 kr

Something warm

Potatoes & leak soup

Deep fried parsnip, Karl-Johan cremé & sourdough bread

125 kr

Seared cod

Baked small onion & fennel, hollandaise & potatoes

195 kr

Viking in a pan

Pork knuckle, juniper smoked bacon, cabbage & beet cream

185 kr

Swedish meatballs in creamy sauce

Potato puree, lingonberries & pickled cucumber

165 kr

Bean stew

Vegan herb cream & garlic bread

155 kr

Our organic cookies, buns and other sweets are available at the counter.

Allergic? Please ask our staff.

Temporarily closed. Welcome from 15 April.
Djurgårdsvägen 48, Stockholm
[email protected], +46-8-55 80 61 30
Glöd is a part of Vikingaliv.